To Attain To The Knowledge Of The Lord Jesus Christ

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Sermon Notes

2016 – The Year Of Perfection

“To Attain to the Knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ”

Text: Philippians 3:3-11


I:  What does it mean “to know Christ”?

  1. This refers to a growing encounter with the Lord Jesus Himself.
  2. Knowing God does not mean knowing facts about God, but finding out that He is who He says He is.
  3. Knowing Him is experiencing His love, faithfulness and greatness in our lives, first hand.


II:   How to “Attain to the knowledge of the Son of God “?

  1. Understand that no worldly wealth and personal achievements can be compared to the value of knowing Christ. Philippians 3:3-11
  2. Understand the importance of participating in Christ’s suffering